Finding the Best Software Outsourcing Candidate for Your Project

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Got a great idea for an app, but don’t know who to choose to develop it? Take a look at our tips for making the best decision.

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Finding the answer to the question “why do I need to outsource my project” is no doubt a hard one, but once you decide to outsource, here comes the harder part: finding the best candidate software outsourcing company for your project. If this very first step is in the wrong direction, your whole app development journey will fall to pieces. Outsourcing is now a large and complicated market, and to prevent you from getting caught out, we’ve put together a simply step-by-step for getting this part of your project right!

Start with Proper Research

Search for reliable sources with proper keywords or questions. It is not a bad idea to ask questions on a social networks such as Facebook groups, Twitter, Yahoo or Quora, or online marketplaces and directory listings such as Clutch, Reddit, Craigslist, Smashing Magazine etc. There are various online marketplaces for IT services that give the most optimal results for basic project management requirements.

Another way is to ask for recommendations from someone you know who either has great knowledge and contacts in the field, or has past experience with an agency they know and trust. If any of them have had the chance to work with an IT outsourcing company, either good or bad, it’s taking note and learning from their experience.

Make the Requirements Clear and Concise

The more detailed and specific the information that you give to an outsourcing agency, the better chance you will have of finding the most suitable candidate for outsourcing your work to. The basic fact that you will not work in the same environment on a day-to-day basis obviously restricts the chance to regularly discuss ideas and requirements. Thus, be very specific with regards to the tasks you’re assigning to your potential co-workers up-front, and make sure they fully understand what you want. Create a detailed brief with outlined expectations and duties. It helps the candidates to understand what you really need and to make the right decisions to provide the required results.

Quick Note: Website research

A company’s website is considered the “face” of a company. Visiting a company’s website is the fastest way to find out crucial things about them and to get a sense of a first impression. For example, if you visit us at, you will have a closer look at our services, past projects, style, attitude and even get some feedback from our previous clients.

Locate Potential Candidates

Work out some basic criteria that encapsulate the most suitable candidate. Don’t always think that a bigger company is better. The best IT outsourcing company is the one that can be flexible enough to work around your business.

Create a Comparison Table

Create a list of potential outsourcing companies and narrow down your list down to two or three companies. At this point, it should become easier to choose between them, and that will help you to reduce the risk of making the wrong decision.

Take Money into Consideration

Thinking carefully about how much money should be spent on the outsourcing work will also go a long way to helping you to find suitable companies. Have a sensible amount in mind to make sure you don’t lose qualified companies, as well as keep your business profitable.

Contact Immediately

Great IT outsourcing companies may not always be able to start your work straight away, so make sure you’re ready to contact them as soon as you have decided they’re a good fit for you. Time is money, and in the mobile app world, someone somewhere may well be working on you idea right now!

Finding the best candidate for your project in as short a time as possible allows you to start building your project immediately, which will keep you ahead of any potential competition!


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